A downloadable Platformer Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a platformer game made for the #ayobikingamedirumah (This is the Modified game jam submition)

Play the original game jam submition version: https://nicdev.itch.io/soupejamversion


This is a game about a soap name soapy that has to pass the Covid-19 Plague test to proof that he is worthy to become a true soap. There's nothing will stand your way to be THE GREATEST SOAP! ... or is there?


-A and D to move

-Space (once) to jump and Space (twice) to double jump 


- Made by NicDev

- Music by Evan King

Update V1.2:

-Game is now less dizzy

-Better Camera movement

-Levels are easier

-New death animation

-Bug fixes

-Soaper is now avalable for Mac OS X and Linux!

Development Video (Indonesian Language)

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@2020 NicDev


Soaper Windows.zip 46 MB
Soaper Mac OS X.zip 47 MB
Soaper Linux.zip 50 MB

Install instructions

1.   Choose your prize (You can pick $0.00 to download it for free and more than $0.00 to donate, (Thanks to the people who donates, you guys are amazing!)

2.   Extrack the zip to a new folder

3.   Make a shortcut, and place it on your desktop

4.   Play the game and pass the ultimate soap test!

Development log


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bang charakter nya di rubah jadi kotak dong  kan sabun 

Ada banyak bug, salah satunya kalo saya loncat tiba2 mati. Agak sering

so many bug :(

Sorry, well since the updates there sure many bugs. If you want less bugs, you can play the jam version. But, it's more older, and dont have death animations, smooth camera, etc

Gak bisa di android jadi gak bisa nikmatin

Deleted 2 years ago


ok bang

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