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2 - 4 Players | 30 - 90 Minutes | Ages 10+

This product contains PDF only for the game's components. Need to be print and cut manually.

Flooruler is a competitive strategy board game that challenges 2 to 4 players to compete for ownership of 24 floors. 

This game dynamically combines tactical decision-making with luck by utilizing a D6 dice. Players can collect gold from the Gold Fountain at the center of the map, using it to purchase powerful items like weapons and skill cards from stores located at the corners. These strategic cards enhance a player's chances of winning and hinder opponents from claiming the 24 floors. 

The game follows a turn-based system, allowing players to perform actions such as movement, acquiring/spending gold, attacking, and using skills in separate turns. This system facilitates critical strategy decisions and self-defense in dangerous situations.

Why Should I Play Flooruler?

1). An extremely fun and addicting board game where you can have a battleground feel with your friends and family.

Flooruler is filled with weapons and skills which makes it have a very intense and competitive battlegrounds feel but in a board game format.

2). Simple in concept but resulting in many strategies.

The premise of Flooruler is simple, claim 24 floors and prevent others with nukes, weapons, and skills in a turn-based system. However, somehow all of those things come together perfectly in this simple but also complex in the same time board game.

3). Unique and cute art style.

This board game has a cartoony and unique art style like no other board game, making the gameplay experience even greater.

This Print & Cut PDF Contains Printable:

  • Game map/board (1x)
  • Store Folders (4x)
  • Floor Store Components (3x)
  • Nuke Store Components (3x)
  • Weapon Store Components (9x)
  • Skill Store Components (8x)
  • Player Piece (4x)
  • Player Stats (4x)
  • Player Floors (24x for each player, 96x in total)
  • Paper Dice (1x) (Best result if you use real dice)

Tools You'll Need:

  • A3 Printer (1x)
  • A3 Paper (6x)
  • Scissors/Cutter (1x)
  • Pencil (1x)
  • Eraser (1x)
  • Real Dice (Optional) (1x)

Not Sure Yet? Play the Free Online Version in Tabletopia!

I understand that board games are risky to players because they aren't able to taste the game until they buy it. So I added the online version in Tabletopia!

However, I do believe that the offline version offers much more comfortable and easier to understand especially when you first start learning the game. Besides that, the online version feels like you in a zoom meeting rather than sitting down and having fun with your friends.

From Indonesia?

If you are somehow who lives in Indonesia, I recommend you to purchase this game from the Tokopedia or Shoppe page. psst... it's much cheaper :)

Got Any Questions?

Have any questions about how to play and others related to the game? It's best for you to ask it in the game's boardgamegeek forum. But if it isn't available yet you can just ask in this itch.io comment section.

Published 5 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
Release date 6 days ago
Made withAdobe Photoshop
TagsBoard Game, Tabletop, Turn-based, Turn-Based Combat, Turn-based Strategy
Average sessionAbout an hour


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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(INDONESIA) Panduan Bermain.pdf 10 MB


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Wih, board gamenya dh jadi! Tapi buset, 112.000, auto nabung sih 😎

ada yang 35rb tapi harus print sendiri :v, atau kalau mau belajar, main yang versi online (Tabletopia)