A downloadable PVP game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is A PVP game made by NicDev where you can see popular game developers such as Dani, Blackthornprod, Brackeys, etc kill each other in this epic game!!!

NOTE: To play this game you need to have atleast 2 gamepads ( XBOX 360 is recommended the most, and i haven't test other gamepads).

This game contains 8 levels from other game developer's game such as mine, and i maybe add more in future updates. The're are 5 characters such as Dani, Brackeys, Blackthornprod, NicDev (me myself:)), and Kajew Developer. More character will also avalable in future updates:)

This game is originaly suggested by my fans on instagram to make a PVP game, so special thanks to them all!!!

Mac OS X and Linux might not work. Beacuse i haven't tried it yet.


-Game and Art by NicDev

-Music by Evan King

-Font by Jayde Garrow

Development Video (Indonesian Language)

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(Keep in mind that all of my social media is Indonesian language)

@2020 NicDev


Developer Showdown Windows.zip 34 MB
Developer Showdown Mac OS X.zip 38 MB
Developer Showdown Linux.zip 42 MB

Install instructions

1. Click Download

2. Choose your prize (you can skip this prize if you want the game for free)

3. Choose your operating system

4.  Extrack the zip

5. Make a shortcut to your desktop


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pls pake control keyboard


woi controllnya gimana, wasd apa arrow keys , gabisa gerak

itu cmn bisa gamepad

Bikin versi android nya dong


wait but my game is also named dev showdown? uhh dev showdown vs developer showdown? https://discord.gg/JpjFvVA


wait what? Well, i of cource didnt steal you game's title, i think its really a coincidence

it is a coincidence i guess so uh yea XD

this is my cosinXD

Bang untuk stik e slime bisa kan tapi pencet attack nya apa

ada kok instruksinya sebelum mulai main, right trigger

i proud of my indonesia

Bisa buat android dong pleasea bang, gk bisa ya noo


Android gak bisa kak?:(


Deleted 2 years ago

Yoi ty

Muantap, dah Ku Coba


Wow. You made a game with the well known indie game Devs 😂


Yah gw ga punya gamepad :(

(1 edit) (-1)


sama bro

Bagus skalee


Kid game develeper? Kalo iya berarti sama kek aku

kalo aku super kid game dev, kelas 4 sd udah ngerti bahasa C++, udah bisa bikin Game Khusus skillbench mark, bencmark untuk skill kita, bukan buat pc, well, 2024 aku bakal bikin game buat strees cpu sama gpu,