A downloadable game for Android

It is a prototype about a soap vs coronavirus.

Survive your selve from the Attack of Covid-19!!!

Virus will appear more based on they're mutation.

Update V 0.5.2:

-Various bug fix

-Updated the NicDev's secret room

-Soaps will make you bigger

- NEW HIGHSCORE SYSTEM!!!( The highscore would not change if you update the game:))


-New transitions

-Better splash screen

By the time i upload this update, i still found some issues, sorry if you found that issues, and please tell me:), i will fix that issues as fast as posibble:).

Development Video (Indonesian Language)

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@2020 NicDev


Covid Infinity (Android Edition) 23 MB

Install instructions

1.Click Install

2.Open the file

3.Click install again

4.Launch the game.

Development log


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